Coalesce by IntelliTect

Bringing web technologies together

Designed to help you quickly build amazing sites, Coalesce is a rapid-development code generation framework for

  • ASP.NET Core 2.1.25
  • EF Core 2.1.14
  • TypeScript
  • Vue or Knockout

Coalesce Helps You...

Get Started Fast

Quickly knock out new pages with first class functionality. Security is built-in and easy to use.

Be Concise

Create models that accurately represent the problem space, avoiding all the extra clutter and overhead.

Stay Agile

Coalesce is an open ended tool that doesn't box you in. You're free to build on top of it or around it to suit your needs.

Have Fun

Spend less time on boilerplate and more time writing interesting code. No more re-engineering an API every time your data model changes.


Auto-Generated API

Coalesce generates an API based on your models, with methods including list, get, save, and many more. The documentation is also generated for you.


Automatic saving of your models is turned on out-of-the-box, and is trivial to disable when not desired.

Easy Dropdowns

Dropdown menus based on your application's data come out of the box with paging and searching built in.

Admin Sections

Stop wasting time making admin sections that only a small fraction of users will ever touch. Coalesce will make them for you.

Intuitive Modeling

All the metadata for your models goes into annotations on your existing Entity Framework POCOs. Methods on your models will generate API endpoints.

Security: Built In

Coalesce integrates with any identity provider for ASP.NET Core (including Windows Auth), allowing for property-level control using model attributes.

And much more...

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